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Luce Bay

The ultimate kite surf location! 7 miles of pristine sand with shallow warm waters. In terms of access, space and quality there are few locations in the UK which can compete with Luce Bay. The shallow warm waters offer the perfect beginners environment and will give anyone confidence to push harder and progress.

The Bay provides fantastic ‘bump and jump’ conditions. Also a 2 mile tack East will bring you to ‘The watch Tower’ Lagoon. Best at high tide this is Luces second largest lagoon (2nd to Glen Luce) and on its outer edge provides brilliant ramps.

The bay is also perfect for kite buggying and boarding.

Useful Information - Luce Bay Surfing


It is possible to access the bay from the village of Sandhead where there is a large grass recreational area which is perfect to set up and launch if the tide is high. If launching from the village end of the bay be aware that the wind can be turbulent when coming from the South to the South West.

Best access is from Sands of Luce holiday park. Here you can park at the public car park and take a short walk to the beach. Outside of the busy tourist season it may be possible to park on the caravan park but permission must be sought first.


Luce has a huge tidal range. It is possible to launch and kite in all tidal states. It is quite a walk at low tide.


Luce Bay is almost entirely sand. There are a few large boulders on the beach towards the village which are visible at mid to low tide.

Luce Bay