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A study reveals surprising benefits of being a caravan owner……..

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


Photo credit: Craig Tara

We have always wondered why holiday home owners look so happy. We thought it may be the sea air, the beautiful vistas from their sun decks or perhaps the great food now available on site. We had even put it down to our award winning facilities and intimate family run atmosphere on the park. It seems that we may have been wrong!



Want to make more money, improve relationships and have better sex? Become a holiday home owner!

Surprising findings have been discovered in a study recently released by market analyst gurus Golley Slater. The study commissioned by one of the UK’s largest park operators Park Leisure wanted to truly get into the minds of the UK holiday home owner. They found their sample group were more productive at work as a result of owning a holiday home and had more regular sex with their partners. What more reason do you need to own a holiday home?!


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A majority of the sample claimed they were more productive during the week knowing they had an idyllic weekend escape to look forward to. The sample also experienced improved relationships with friends and family as they spent more time together. Relationships with partners also improved, with close to half the sample group saying they felt less stressed resulting in a better relationship and significant portion had more regular sex.

Psychologist Corine Sweet went on to comment “The psychological and well-being benefits of buying a UK based holiday home speak for themselves. Regular de-stressing breaks mean increased productivity, through better relationships and health, more fun, and even a more fulfilling sex life.”

What are you waiting for?

So there you have it an independent and perhaps not completely impartial report into the benefits of owning a UK holiday home. Check out our sales page now and perhaps you can experience some of the benefits of the other 200,000 UK holiday home owners.


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