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Doing Our (Little) Bit — One Small Eco-Friendly Step at a Time

Friday, May 4th, 2018

We Love Our Beach

Our beach is great, isn’t it? It’s why we live here and why you lovely people keep coming back. Miles and miles of immaculate golden sand and blue sea. It really doesn’t get any better! We love swimming in it, walking along it, fishing in it, surfing on it; it is part of us and we love it for all its salty beauty.

One thing that has been distressing us more and more of late is the unwelcomed arrival of more and more plastic on our shores. What we see is only a small part of the plastic menace though. The true horror of the situation is hidden in the depths of the ocean. We can be grateful to a certain Sir Attenborough for bringing our attention to these issues in the remarkable Blue Planet 2 series.

We’re Making A Change

Realistically it is truly impossible for us to go plastic free but we do believe in small positive steps. If we can find a non-plastic equivalent to a product we will use it. What more, we will tell you all about it too! This isn’t us on vanity fueled self-praise self-exercise this is Sands of Luce attempting to bring more awareness to the situation.

We are now becoming part of the eco-friendly movement. We’re going to try harder. We’re going to change certain things we do. Starting with, and it may seem small but this of you start these things, our straws and our take away packaging.

Whilst plastic doesn’t decompose, a lot of it can be recycled. That’s how and why people have bags for life. Straws, however, are too small to be repurposed and people outright refuse to reuse straws. And that’s fair enough; who wants to use someone else’s used straw? But hey, they’re that exactly: small. It can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. We use more than 500 million straws a day. Not a year — not a month — not a week — a day. Unbelievable. How are we going to fight this?

Our Bit

Simple, we’re going to start using paper straws. For the people that hate paper straws? We’re stocking biodegradable straws as well. This might be a small start for us, but it’s a good start. We’ll try at every hurdle to be more eco-friendly from now on because we love this beautiful planet and we’re sure that you do too.

Takeaway? Certainly! And why not enjoy your coffee, pizza or whatever you wish to order from us in completely compostable packaging. Check out our food packaging company @Vegware. These guys are Scottish based and making massive steps in compostable packaging. There is hope! New roads? Well, thanks to a new D&G based startup you can surface your roads in recycled plastic! Check out Macrebur – We are in talks with them about providing future road surfaces to the site.

We realise for every positive step we make we are probably making 10 back steps; plastic is so ingrained in our lives it’s going to be a tough split. That said, awareness and willingness to change is half the battle. Want to do your bit? Check out this guide

Clean up

Why not join us on a beach clean? Watch our Facebook for updates for our latest organised cleans. Don’t wait on us though! Take a bag with you and make a quick small clean part of your usual beach walk routine!

Sands of Luce

We are an award-winning holiday park in Galloway, Scotland. You should come here, it’s great. We’re home to an incredible 7 mile-long beach! And our seas are great for watersports. That’s a lot of fun. A lot of green here, too. You can play golf on some incredible courses! Wild forage? Yeah, we have that, too. The homes are beatific! Have a look here. Food and drink? We have the lighthouse bar. The renowned lighthouse!

Any questions, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.