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Live Music this June and July

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Here at Sands of Luce, we love live music. What more, we love a good party, too! We are really fortunate to have a selection of talented local musicians we can choose from. This exciting mix of musicians gives us a brilliantly varied music schedule so you are guaranteed to find a band you love!

Now we are coming into summer we will have music most Saturdays. Read on to find which band suits your tastes!

Angela and Gerry – June 2nd

If you’re ready to dance the night away and have a few drinks while doing so, this is the event in our calendar that’s for you! Angela and Gerry have amazing vocals which can only be appreciated during a live performance. Not to be missed!

The Moot – June 16th and July 7th

Somewhat Dumfries and Galloway legends, The Moot play Sands of Luce regularly, each time entertaining the crowd thoroughly. In fact, they have a video of their last performance here! Just take in the idyllic settings we have to offer there; incredible, no? The Moot play a mix of covers, from Reggae to Tracy Chapman. Considering, it’s not too wild to say they’re going to have you on your feet. They also bring some spare drums, tambourines and maracas.

Eclipse – June 30th

Eclipse are relatively new so we can’t give great detail as to what they’re like as a band. Their debut performance with us is highly anticipated!

Garden Party – July 15th and 29th

One of the unique events where there’s legitimate enjoyment to be had for the kids and the adults! The result? A happiness symphony, where the adults get to relax and the kids tire themselves out. There’s live music, which when the sun is beating down sure is a pleasure. There’s a bouncy castle for the kids, too. And of course, food for everyone. If the sun isn’t beating down, we’ll take the garden party inside.

Strumsum Blues Bands – July 21st

We always consider it a pleasure to host Strumsum. A band of fine, fine quality, they often leave crowds dancing in erupted jubilation; foot-stomping in abundance! The video below is them, have a watch and you’ll very quickly realise what we mean. They’re playing late July, an event you most definitely don’t want to miss.

Electric Velvet – July 28th

Electric Velvet are a great band that sure demand your attention. As you can see from the video below, they have great energy and often leave the crowd tired from all the dancing! They’re gracing our park near the end of July, and once again, we strongly recommend coming.

Sands of Luce – Scotland Holiday Parks

This is our summer live music schedule up until August here at Sands of Luce. As that month nears, we’ll release an updated version of this! If you’d like to inquire about staying here during any one of these events, then give us a call or use our online booking form. We look forward to seeing you at one of these dearly fun events we have going on!

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