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The perfect Scottish Holiday Home

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Buyers guide to caravansAt Sands of Luce with our palm fringed park and warm sandy shores, we boast of being on the Scottish Riviera.  Here on a hot July day it is easy to think you are somewhere much further south. The Gulf Stream does this little remote corner of Scotland a tremendous favour carrying warm air and sea up from the tropics to this remote part of Scotland. As if proof of our very special climate were needed, we have in close proximity to Sands of Luce Holiday Park a wealth of exquisite botanical gardens exhibiting a wide range of sub-tropical plants that thrive here on the southern tip of South West Scotland.

….but if we are being completely honest we can not claim to be a tropical paradise all year round. Lets face it grass and vegetation does not get that gorgeous shade of Emerald green with out a little rain. This is Scotland after all!

ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Lounge

ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Lounge


Could we have found the perfect Holiday Home for Scotland?

Quite possibly! We are really excited to have a brand new 2015 ABI Ashcroft Exclusive with integrated sun deck in stock. So much so we have written an article on why we believe it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxury holiday home in Scotland.

The Executive model is fitted out to a standard reminiscent of far more expensive holiday homes. The interior décor is contemporary and sophisticated. It comes with all the neat stylish solutions you could wish for. Such as a 70/30 integrated fridge freezer and integrated microwave.

There is no denying it the Ashcroft Exclusive is effortlessly stylish yet it is not for this reason why we absolutely love it. It has some truly great characteristics which has made it our [bctt tweet=”‘King of all Scottish holiday homes!'”].

ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Master

ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Master

What makes the ABI Ashcroft so great?

Well firstly the specification. It ticks the three main practical boxes for year round holiday home enjoyment. It has the Pre-galvanised chassis covered by a 10 year manufacturers warranty (this is essential for coastal locations such as Sands of Luce). It also has ‘Low E PVCu’ double glazing and is centrally heated. ABI always use the latest in re-condensing boiler technology. This ensures your comfort and a highly efficient holiday home.

However; ABI do not stop there. The Ashcroft such as all ABI models comes with 100mm or fibre glass roof insulation and 50mm of wall insulation. This level of insulation is amongst the best in the industry. This all results in a holiday home which keeps all occupants toasty no matter what the Scottish weather gods decide to throw at it!


ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Deck

ABI Ashcroft Exclusive Deck

What about the sun deck?

One of the many pleasures of owning a holiday home is being able to sit on your sundeck with your drink of choice and enjoy lazy summer days. Is there anything better? Probably not but if the weather is not playing ball you may be sat inside watching the liquid sun shine splashing on your deck. Not with the Ashcroft! The large sliding door leading out to the fully enclosed sun deck allow a seamless transition from lounge to deck. And this truly is the Ashcrofts trump card.  Gone are the days of the weather dictating when you can enjoy some al fresco dinning. The fully covered deck allows you to enjoy your deck in all but the worst of weather. The decking is non slip and fully integrated onto the holiday homes galvanised chassis. No maintenance and it will last the lifespan of the holiday home. Genius!


I want one!

Well we have one in stock ready to rock. What’s more we have dropped the price from £34,000 to £32,000. A true all year bargain! Especially so when you factor in it includes about £3,000 worth of decking. View on-line here and call Jack to arrange a viewing.

Want to know more about buying a holiday home? Check out our buyers guide.


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