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Your Retirement Retreat

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Congratulations! You’ve done it, you’ve worked hard all your life to get here but now you are ready to enjoy the golden years of retirement. Now it’s time to slow down, relax and enjoy all things which make life so special. Here at Sands of Luce we are popular with retirees with most having similar priorities: relaxation and quality time with loved ones. We believe we have this simple formula sorted. Where could be better to enjoy these simple pleasures than a luxury beachside holiday home? Read on to find out more!

We are an award-winning holiday park in Scotland. Families and individuals stay with us year upon year to enjoy fantastic holidays. What makes us unique? We have our very own on-site restaurant, The Lighthouse Bar, that’s a crowd favourite! We’re also sitting on the beach; it’s seven miles long and as beautiful as any. We host an array of fun activities for all of the family, we make a real effort to ensure that our guests enjoy their time here. All of these things, they come together and make Sands of Luce just what it is; a unique charm that is simply perfect for a retirement getaway.

The luxury of renting or owning a holiday home is another story in itself, but our location is really what makes us stand out from the crowd. Here are a few things you could do when retreating to Sands of Luce for your retirement years…

Enjoy a meal for two

As we said, our Lighthouse Bar is famous in these Scottish lands. Those pizzas we mentioned? They’re cooked in a stone oven with authentic Italian toppings. We may not have the temperature of the Amalfi Coast, but we certainly have the food!

Here you can come and have a meal of the finest variety, nice wine and delicious food, within an atmosphere of undisturbed ambience for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Take a day trip around the local area

Our guests describe the holiday park as the secret gem of Scotland. This is the place where nature and wildlife thrives and time stands still. There are so many attractions to explore, and they all offer a remarkable experience. From sea cliffs to enchanting fishing villages to ancient castles to stunning botanic gardens. You will never be short of treasures to explore at Sands of Luce.

Go for a beachside walk

As aforementioned, our beach, is not just any beach, it’s a seven-mile-long beach. And this seven-mile-long beach with lushes sands and seas perfect for walking and even a wee dip.

It’s on this very beach you can either have a relaxing saunter as the sun leaves our lands. Or, if you’re after a thrill – they say it keeps you young! – why not give kitesurfing a go?

Get involved with our events

There’s always something great going on. Whether it’s a Scottish folk music event or a night of dancing at The Lighthouse Bar.

Click here to learn more.

Go on a fishing trip

Fishing is highly popular around these parts. Many come, get settled, and then set out to the sea within a couple of hours. The reason? It’s quite the thrill. That’s why. We’ve published an article on why fishing here is such a star attraction.


What better way to soak up warm weather than to head out to open, green space? We’re located in what can only be described as a golfer’s paradise. There are many golf courses in close proximity range of the holiday park, so you won’t have to travel too far from your holiday home to experience the fresh air and to get involved in a focused, enjoyable game.

retirement retreat golfing

Stay in and relax

The beauty of your own holiday home is that it’s your space. No invasions, just total privacy. If you’re not up to heading out, why not stay in and read, play a boardgame, practice calligraphy, or make a photo album? Throughout life, many of us get so caught up in working and families that we forget about our own hobbies. Now is your time to sit and relax, you might even try and love something new. New experiences reinvigorate your life.

Our retirement retreat holiday homes

Whether you’re interested in visiting us once or making your stay permanent by purchasing a holiday home, Sands of Luce is designed to offer unlimited enjoyment. It’s simply a captivating sanctuary and nothing less. If you’d like to discuss bookings or further options with us, you can speak with a friendly member of our team who will be happy to guide and advise you.