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Top 5 Dumfries and Galloway Holiday Walks for Families

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Summer. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of the sun on your skin and the light breeze in the air; where people leave the stresses of work and daily life behind. Your summer break is a chance for you and your family to relax and unwind, to hear the waves lapping against the shore and feel the sand between your toes. The time for you to get out and explore, see as much as possible and make those memories that will last a lifetime.

Family walks in dumfries and galloway

Fortunately, we know the perfect place to do just that… the stunning lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway. This area of Scotland has it all, with miles and miles of sandy beaches and acres of greenery in-land. Everywhere you look, there are quaint villages, stunning gardens and beautiful local wildlife: there really is something for everyone. What’s more, we’re lucky enough for our Luce Bay holiday park to be situated right amongst it all, so you can enjoy everything on your Dumfries and Galloway holiday!


Explore Stunning Dumfries and Galloway With Your Family

A fantastic way to get out and explore the local area is on foot. Walking allows you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the local nature and see everything of your own accord. Select your route based on the capabilities of the group and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views along the way – don’t forget to take your camera! We understand that your family is your first priority, so when compiling this list of our top 5 walks in Dumfries and Galloway, we made sure that each route is suitable for everyone, young and old! So, pack a picnic and head out from your beachside touring pitch or luxury holiday home to explore even more of the stunning local nature on one of our suggested routes.



Castle Douglas Town Trail

Castle Douglas Scotland


Image Credit: MSDMSD, Commons, Wikimedia. 

Length of Route:1.5 miles

Distance from Sands of Luce Holiday Park: 53.3 miles // 1 hour 10-minute drive

This trail is the perfect way to explore the Castle Douglas town with your family. The route is circular, but you can wander in whichever way takes your fancy and make the walk your own. The paved streets make for a very suitable terrain for pushchairs and wheelchairs too. With easy parking and lots to see and do, the Castle Douglas Town Trail is an excellent choice for you this summer.


2. Ardwell Pond

Length of Route: 1.5 miles

Distance from Sands of Luce Holiday Park: 3.7 miles // 7-minute drive

This is an easy, circular trail around Ardwell Pond. Not far from the Sands of Luce Holiday Park, this woodland walk offers beautiful views across the waters of the stunning nature reserve. Bring a picnic and make a day of the trip, immersing yourself and your family in the wonders of the Scottish countryside.


3. Kirkcudbright – Walk Along the River Dee

River Dee walks in Dumfries

Length of Route: 4.75 miles

Distance from Sands of Luce Holiday Park: 47.6 miles // 1 hour 5-minute drive

Enjoy a scenic route beside the River Dee with this trail into Kirkcudbright. The route is mostly flat and the terrain is generally dry and stable, perfect for every age and ability! Once you’re done walking, why not grab some lunch and explore Kirkcudbright in the afternoon? This route is an excellent all rounder and the easy parking and stunning views make the route a must for your summer holiday to Dumfries and Galloway.


4. Torrs Warren

Length of Route: 4 miles

Distance from Sands of Luce Holiday Park: 4.9 miles // 10 minutes

Made up of forest tracks and dune paths, this route is an excellent way to explore plenty of the local nature. You can adjust the length of the route based on your group, either sticking to the wooded path or venturing down to Ringdoo Point by the water and sand dunes. Park up in the Torrs Warren car park and let the adventure begin!


5. Luce Bay

Sands of Luce Coastline

Length of Route: 7 miles

Distance from Sands of Luce Holiday Park: 0 miles!

Step out of your caravan or luxury holiday home and straight onto the golden sands of Luce Bay. This beachside walk offers breathtaking views for miles and miles, seven in fact! Walk for as long as you wish before the ocean calls you in for a dip, and don’t forget your picnic – it’s the perfect day out!

For a list of further Dumfries and Galloway walking routes of varying difficulty for those more experienced walkers, check out this article.


Book Your Summer Holiday with Sands of Luce

Our Sandhead holiday park is the perfect base for your Dumfries and Galloway holiday this summer. We have a range of luxury rental holiday homes and beachside caravan pitches – so there is something to suit everyone! If you’re interested in staying at Sands of Luce this summer, get in touch with our friendly team or book online today!