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Our favourite Scotch whisky for the caravan

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Scotland, home of heather clad hills, endless beaches, mythical beasts, fine whisky and of course quality caravan parks! At Sands of Luce, we love all our bonnie land has on offer but in particular, we enjoy a fine dram of whisky.

To treat a good whisky with the respect it deserves you need to be relaxed and comfortable with no distractions. You need a sanctuary where you immediately feel at ease.

For our owners, their static caravan provides such a sanctuary, their own space where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. Here everyday stresses and worries are left outside. After a hectic week, nothing compares to the immediate peace of opening your caravan door, turning on the lights and admiring your own special little hideaway. You are immediately at ease, a home from home.

Now you are comfortable you can fully appreciate the finer traits of your favourite whisky. Here we look at some of our favourites. Remember whisky is best enjoyed in moderation and for any Scotch, the enjoyment is in the quality, not the quantity!

Here are our Top 4 Scotches



tomatin scotland whiskies

Tomatin, 12 Years

Tomatin’s aged whisky is a delightful number that wouldn’t go amiss in any tumbler. The light notes are perfectly paired with a sweet touch. A whisky that implores ponder and joy. At only £35, this most certainly is a whisky you could get your last night of fun in 2017.





glenfiddich scotland whiskies


Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish


These whisky recommendations always say smooth, sombre, soothing, smoky, or something of the s variety don’t they? That’s why we chose this whisky. It’s different, and we like that. It has tangy highs and citrusy mids. It’s a post-modern classic. £45. Not bad, really. For a whisky that will broaden your mind: £45. Not bad.



springbank scotland whiskies



Springbank 10 Year

This scotch tastes full. That’s the most honest way we can put it. After each gulp, you’ll feel deeply satisfied. With somewhat salty notes, it packs a little kick. A great whisky. This one will for sure get you dancing come the fall of the year. Back down to

earth with this prices, Springbank’s 10 year costs £37.


ardbeg scotland whiskies


Ardbeg Uigeadail 10 Year


This one is perhaps more of a summer whisky, but we’re still going to talk about it today – you can’t stop us! With sweet and smoky notes, you can perhaps more envision yourself sipping on this while sitting around a campfire, rather than watching end-of-year fireworks. A classic nonetheless; one of Scotland’s best. £55 Reasonable.



A taste of Scotland’s whiskies at Sands of Luce Holiday Park…

Scotland does great whiskies and we do great breaks. Why not come on down and enjoy one of these Scottish treasures, whilst enjoying the comfort of your own caravan or one of our luxury rentals.

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