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Terms and conditions

Sands of Luce is a family friendly quiet park. We do our utmost to provide a safe, quiet and relaxing park for all to enjoy. In doing so we ask all visitors to familiarise themselves with our Rules Terms and Conditions. In booking a holiday with us you by contract agree to adhere to the parks Rules, Terms and Conditions. If any of the rules are violated the park reserves the right to expel any guest from the park without refund.


  1. All deposits are none-refundable.
  2. No excessive noise after 10pm.
  3. No work vehicles or vans on site.
  4. The 10mph speed limit on the park must be obeyed at all times.
  5. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. All dog mess must immediately be cleared, bagged and placed in a bin. This rule will be strictly enforced. Dogs should be kept out of all communal buildings.
  6. All rubbish must be sorted and placed into the appropriate bin. Please dispose of fish off site. The park does not provide for the disposal of larger items such as white goods, carpets, TV’s etc. Any case of ‘fly tipping’ will be dealt with as a criminal offence.
  7. Wet/ baby wipes, nappies and sanitary products can not be disposed of down toilets within caravans or toilets anywhere on the park. Failure to comply will incur full charge of de-slugging sewer and treatment plant.
  8. No fat or oil to be disposed of down any caravan or park sink. Please wipe all pans used for frying with a kitchen towel before placing in sink.
  9. No firearms, air powered weapons or catapults are allowed on the park.
  10. ALL PARENTS/ GUARDIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN ON THE PARK. Children must be supervised properly so that they are not a nuisance or damage to themselves or others. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult if out on the park after 10pm. Ball games and kite flying are not allowed on the park. No cycling between caravans.
  11. Anyone committing any criminal offence on the park or use a caravan for the furtherance of criminal activity will be reported to the local constabulary.
  12. No private trade or business activity on the park.
  13. The security of caravans, vehicles, boats and all personal possessions is the caravan owners responsibility.
  14. Any person, owner or temporary guest who conducts themselves in a disorderly manner or does not adhere to the rules, terms and conditions will be asked to leave the park immediately. If refuse to do so the police will be contacted immediately.

Holiday Home Rental

We are confident we provide the best Caravan Rental Holiday Homes you will ever have stayed in. We kindly request that great care to be taken within the holiday homes and you follow these additional rules as to ensure they are in the best condition possible for the next guests.

  1. The caravans must be used in a respectful manor.
  2. Familiarise your self with the day of departure sheet within you rental.
  3. Maximum of 6 occupants per static.
  4. Dogs are only allowed in the kitchen and lounge area only. They are not allowed on the furnishings and must sleep in a basket or bed.
  5. No fish prep in the caravans.
  6. No removal of any equipment from the caravan even if you intend to return it prior to departure.
  7. Removal of foot ware beyond the door mat.
  8. Please report any breakages or faults immediately.
  9. As to avoid odours please empty the caravan bins daily.
  10. Please do not run the heating when out or with windows open.

Touring & Camping

We believe we provide first class camping and touring facilities. Each shower block is deep cleaned twice a day during our peak periods. You can also help keep the facilities in good order by abiding to our simple, courteous wash room rules.

  1. No dogs allowed within the wash blocks.
  2. All children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult within the wash block.
  3. Please wash all sand and dirt from bare feet before entering.
  4. Use the mop provided to clean shower tray after use.
  5. Toilet brushes are provided for you to use when necessary. (Please ensure you leave a clean toilet bowel after use).

Do not dispose of baby wipes or sanitary items down the toilet. Use the bins provided.