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Holiday Home Buyers Guide

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Holiday home ownership is an exciting prospect for many families and retirees. What could be more exciting than owning your very own holiday home on an idyllic park in your dream holiday destination?

Owning a holiday home is simple but there are a few key decisions to make prior to purchasing your dream holiday home. As holiday park owners, we have formed a guide on purchasing the ideal static home or caravan.

Get to know the park

holiday home buyer dumfries

The first piece of advice I give any prospective holiday home owner is to choose the right park for you. Here in Dumfries and Galloway, we are fortunate enough to have many great parks and each park suits a different buyer. I urge owners to look for independent family run parks. By avoiding the larger chain parks you are likely to find a park that is given the undivided attention of the park owner and staff. You also benefit from a more personal service. Always check online reviews from websites such as Pitchup and Tripadvisor for honest impartial reviews.

Look at the facilities and get a feel for the park. Nothing beats walking around the holiday park, chatting to owners and gauging the general ‘vibe’. Nothing is more reassuring than talking to happy owners and sampling what the park provides. I encourage prospective buyers to spend time sampling our on-site services. We are fortunate enough to have The Lighthouse Bar, The Beach Hut Cafe and StrEatery 82 on site. What’s more, we have an active

What’s more, we have an active Activity and Events Program, a visiting activity centre and many events happening through our season. Such a vibrant selection of on-site services keep our customers happy and give the park a continuous terrific atmosphere.

Do your homework

Upon choosing the park, check their terms and conditions for owners. Be aware of limited term ownership contracts. Many parks force owners to upgrade after a fixed period, this may be 10, 8 or even 5 years! This commits buyers to a hefty future financial expenditure. Here at Sands of Luce, we do not have such schemes in place. In short – Sands of Luce owners are allowed to own their caravan for as long as they wish. We have a few caravans that are 30+ years old which are kept in immaculate condition. In this instance, we are happy to have retained a customer for so long and our customer is delighted to have obtained such great value from their purchase.

Check the site fees! Ask for the figure inclusive of VAT, rates and all environmental charges. A bargain holiday home/ static caravan may not be such a bargain if you are paying over the odds for the fees. At Sands of Luce we charge just £1720 for our 11 month season inclusive of VAT and rates. 

How to choose the right holiday home

holiday home buyers guide

Now you have chosen the park and got the formalities out of the way you can get excited about choosing your dream holiday home!

There are many great holiday homes available new and used. Decide on your budget and stick to it. Here at Sands of Luce we have great value starter homes available from £7,000 and the sky truly is the limit with beachside twin unit lodges coming in over £100,000. We currently have in stock the luxurious and ultra modern Willerby Skyline. The Skyline is positioned on one of our premium ‘Beach Side’ pitches and is an ‘ultimate’ holiday home. It has a sleek, stylish design with breathtaking views out over Luce Bay. From the comfort of the lounge you can view the golden sands, and look beyond to the Mull of Galloway and the Isle of Man. Such a high-end holiday home and premium pitch does come at a price though. The Skyline is not for everyone at £48,000!

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend £50,000 to become a holiday home owner.

The ABI Ashcroft Exclusive with integrated sun deck is also worth a look at. It provides a high-quality compact package with a covered sun deck that can be enjoyed in all conditions. In our opinion, it is possibly the most exciting holiday home we have available.

A budget of £10,000-£16,000 will buy a very nice pre-owned holiday home with double glazing and central heating. This end of the market is very hot and we find holiday homes sell quickly. If this is your budget get in early and ensure you have your name on the parks waiting list if they have sold out.

Get the most from your Holiday Home

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My last but possibly most valuable piece of advice is to think very carefully about how much you intend to use your holiday home. Holiday homes are not much good to anyone if they are barely used. If you use your holiday home regularly it is likely to be the best value life style investment you will ever make.

To find out more about becoming a holiday home owner with Sands of Luce Holiday Park contact the park to make a sales appointment.

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