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The Secret to a Midge free holiday in Scotland

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

sands of luce camping

A sea breeze ensures there is not a midge in sight!

Scotland – the land of highlands, lowlands, white sand beaches, stunning lochs and friendly folk. Sadly many people miss out on all Scotland has to offer simply due to the terror of the ‘mighty midge!’

But what are midges? – ‘A small or minute two-winged fly that forms swarms and breeds near water or marshy areas.’ Yikes! This little terror has unfortunately not gained its reputation without cause, but don’t fear, with some planning and easy precautions it is possible to enjoy all Scotland has on offer without being bled dry by these wee beasties!

midges scotland

Thankfully a rare sight around Sands of Luce!

Are coastal locations free of midges?

Beaches make great midge free locations in Scotland. The evening coastal breeze from the sea serves as a great tool for keeping the midges away. In fact the bigger the beach the better as the well drained sandy soil drains moisture away very efficiently. Avoid mash lands that can be associated with some beach environments and remember midges love moisture, the less moisture the less chance of encountering midges!

When choosing where to stay try and get as close to as large a beach as possible. A great example would be Sands of Luce Holiday Park which sits directly within the largest network of sand dunes in Scotland!

Protecting yourself from midges and other insects

If you do venture away from the coast to experience some of Scotland’s stunning wetland, habitats are sure to pack plenty of repellents. There are many different repellents available from the high street. The stronger the DEET value the more effective it should be at keeping the midges away. We use the word ‘should’ as even a healthy coating of the most potent of repellents won’t keep the most hardened of midges away.

Many don’t like using DEET believing it is harmful. The debate is still out on this one due to potential health issues.

For those who wish to stay away from DEET products then the incredible powers of Avon’s Skin So Soft is also worth a mention. Rumoured to be the choice of the Royal Marines this product not only keeps your skin baby soft it also repels midges. No one is sure of why but in my own personal experience its abilities are undeniable. 

sunset scotland

Enjoy a Scottish sunset without being eaten alive by midges. Possible at Sands of Luce!

Dawn and dusk

These times are like an all you can eat buffet for midges. If you are in midge habitat stay inside. If you are on the coast you may increase the chances of a minor midge encounter but as long as there is a breeze you should be okay.

no midge

Midge free holidays in Scotland

Sands of Luce Holiday Park and the local area provides the perfect midge free environment for holiday makers. Its unique position on the shores of Luce Bay and dry micro-climate protect it from the millions of wee beasties that Scotland is famed for. The park attracts many who come from parts of Scotland famed for midges looking for a bit of midge respite.

Gone are the days of frantically zipping the tent up and your only form of evening entertainment being ‘hunt the midge”. At Sands of Luce, you can enjoy a stunning beach setting with a Gin and Tonic in hand. Incidentally, rumour has it a G&T is also an effective midge repellent – but here it is just a tasty cooling drink.


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