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Should I?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

We’re very proud of Sands of Luce our Luce Bay holiday park; we think it’s one of the most relaxing (and exciting!) places in Scotland. We have beaches of the finest order, fields upon fields of lushes green, and there’s always something going on, our activities and events keep guests of all ages amused during their stay.

Today, to demonstrate the greatness of Sands of Luce, we’re running through some questions we regularly receive on-site and, naturally, our regular answers!

Should I Spend Hours Lounging On The Beach?

Yes. Oh yes. 100 times yes.

Our beach is a wonder that deserves to have people relax on it. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be fulfilling its God-given purpose. It’s one of the crowd favourites, this beach. So, yes, lounge. Lounge away. Spend as long as you want. We couldn’t recommend it more.

retirement retreat beach | Luce bay

Should I Go To The Lighthouse and Check Out The Entertainment?

Oh, this is a no-brainer. Having been reviewed as ‘the best-kept secret in Scotland’, we can’t even blame this on a biased opinion. It’s one of the most enjoyable places around these humble parts. It’s on site, we’ve got music, often live bands. The Lighthouse has been described as buzzing atmosphere, so we highly recommend popping down.

Should I Get Food There Too?

Most definitely. We’re very confident that The Lighthouse has some of the best pizzas in Scotland, so try them out, give us your verdict. Much better than Domino’s. The interior of the place is great, too. So even if you just want a drink it’s definitely worth it. The interior is the work of one of Scotland’s most sought-after designers.

How About Some Golf?

Stranraer is known for golf and so it should be, we were the ones who created the game! There is a new course for each day of the week at your disposal. Check out the Dumfries and Galloway golfing guide for more information, some of the courses have drawn avid golfers from all over the world!

luce bay

Golf isn’t really for me. What about Kitesurfing?

I heard that’s good here.You are right. You are so very right. We actually host kitesurfing tournaments here! Our seas and winds are perfect for it. People like to grab their boards, hit the seas, and take flight. We love it too.

Should I try the RSPB craft workshops?

Why it’s one of our top events, of course you should! Led by an RSPB ranger the workshops are great fun for the whole family. Everything is very much hands-on and you learn so much about nature and the environment. What more the workshops are hosted by ‘The Lighthouse Bar’ so a great excuse to try our Glasgow roasted coffee

How Far Away Is Belfast? Should I Go There?

Belfast is only 40 miles away! Lots of shops there if you like that sort of thing. Looking for something slightly more thrilling? Oh, there’s bars and restaurants too! Some really nice ones (not as nice as The Lighthouse, though). Do it! Go!

Sands of Luce – Your Luce Bay Caravan Park

There are a whole plethora of activities to enjoy while here at Sands of Luce. We may be a leisure park, but you might find yourselves more active than ever whilst here. Idle no more, for there is fun to be had! Have any other questions you’d like answered? Feel free to get in touch. And don’t forget to check out our luxury on-site holiday homes.